Running ERPNext on Serverless - Fargate?

I was wondering if anyone has been successful running ERPNext in a cloud serverless environment such as AWS Fargate?

I am looking to launch instances of ERPNext in the most inexpensive way, for clients with very light usage of the application. What high level solutions and services would you recommend? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

I have considered a multi-tenant approach (running multiple unrelated businesses on the same instance), but I don’t feel like ERPNex is truly set up for this.


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Have you tried to do any cost calculations?
the multi-tenancy feature is good in the Frappe framework, But your Use case has to be researched.

Setup used v13 beta, AWS EKS Fargate ERPNext · GitHub

This setup was done few years ago. Things have improved.

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Well the G.O.A.T. DevOps is here!
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You can run 100s of low usage/low performance sites on a $25 VPS.

If you’re on AWS, there’s another option for autoscale using karpenter. Check this, Manage official or custom frappe-benches on Kubernetes

May also help in cost saving,