Manage official or custom frappe-benches on Kubernetes

Idea for this app originated as [For Developers] Help us develop the PR Review System.

It is now available as K8s Bench API with an optional frappe framework app k8s_bench_interface as ui. Pair it with autoscaling and save on resources. Extend the frappe framework app (k8s_bench_interface) and build your own SaaS/PaaS.

Use it to manage namespaces, helm repos, official benches, custom benches, sites, ingresses with a frappe ui.

Create and delete namespaces

Add Helm Repository

Add official or custom Helm Repository. Custom Repos can add additional services to your bench.

Create a Bench as Helm Release

Use official or custom helm repo.

Create a demo site

Execute bench commands.

Manage Ingress pointing to site.


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