Sales tax deducted from total instead of added to total error

We have been using this for awhile and the tax caluculation was correct… today we went in and used items that we have used in past invoices that had at the time generated correct invoices. We have made no changes to the tax table in over a year. All we did was update ERPNext… this is very troubling as this is what we see:

the 10.24 should be added to 129.00 not subtracted and further the amount is not correct it should be 140.13 or 11.13

It seems like you have checked tax inclusive box. Plz uncheck that box and also make sure you selected to add

We have made no changes to taxes in over a year so why is this a problem now and the tax inclusive is unchecked where is the add portion I cannot find

seems this is a bug have been able to reproduce several times

how do I clear it from thinking final price is tax included. I have unchecked the appropriate box setup/accounts/accounts settings

What you could try -

From server terminal: run ‘bench clear-cache’ or

From web browser client access: run Reload (dropdown menu item from user login next to Help dropdown menu)

same result something is not correct on the backend it is ignoring the box to not include sales tax in the total

please tell me this is not so you have to create a tax rule for each customer???

“All we did was update ERPNext”

How long ago? Have you updated since to check whether your issue persists?

We update after we review GitHub and monitor the forums there are really are too many surprises with ERPNext they should keep stuff on development and only migrate to production when its tested and proven we are talking about accounting, sales tax not working and rounding incorrectly is a problem a huge one…
It is about credibility read the forums they are public its easy right now to draw the wrong conclusion about the quality of the product I after a year should not have to dig so deep for a fix that should not have happened in the first place…
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v10.1.18 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.16 (master)

“Have you updated since to check whether your issue persists?”

ok but what about this - what say you?

edit: so then you are current - this is the latest release from two days ago Release Release v10.1.18 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

yes I’ve been coming through this all day cant invoice customers like this…

@imllc i cannot see any tax template being selected in the attched picture. Please review the settings of sales tax template in account section.

tax should be 11.13 not 10.24 and the total cost to customer should be 140.13 not just 129.00 @ushashmi even if I select the tax and charges though we should not have to because we are using using item taxes:

all of the calculation errors that many are experiencing in master are making the product unusable for production I beg the foundation to stop pushing code that has not been vetted and fully tested in dev to master maybe a third beta fork is necessary.
For many of us this is not a hobby this is how we make a living and these mistakes are costly and have legal implications if they are not caught and corrected in a timely manner… lastly we have an app we want to develop to interact with ERPNext but are spending way too much time fixing core functionality like taxes, and email which was at least workable until the introduction of inbox… we joined the telegram group with hopes of seeing progress on email but that seem to have ground to a halt in activity…we have for the last month been looking at other products because of the inconsistency in the product, we would prefer to stay with ERPNext because of its flexibility but not if the method of implementation in master is going to remain the same. its just too risky.

This is now corrected but it doesn’t explain why we had to go in and toggle off Is this Tax included in Basic Rate? or why after working for a year it suddenly got turned on in the first place.

This is how open source works. It doesn’t require any cost interms of money but it does requires lot of cost in terms of time.

You have to be up to date all the times. Plz make sure to keep an eye on new features and developments which are not bugs but infact community requested features