Save New Purchase Order: Could not find Select Shipping Address

Dear ERPNext team,

On clicking save after creating a purchase order as part of a drop shipment, I am greeted with this error message:

The address mentioned in the error message was properly inserted by the system into the purchase order:

and is also present in the customer’s entry:

In other words, the address seems to be fine, but I still cannot save the document. I should add that the full address (I have only shown the first line here) also contains the following special characters: é and #

I am not sure, but my issue might be connected to the following bug report that was submitted by @smino in July:
Unable to add shipping address to Purchase Order (develop)

As described in the above forum entry, no contact or address is shown in the drop down list , even when searching for names or parts of an address I know exists.

I am on the hosted version of ERPNext, which probably is the most current version.

Anyway, right now I am not able to create any purchase order, which means I cannot complete any sales cycle.

Best regards,


Hello Stefan,

I just tried to replicate this in my test account. It worked fine for me.

In case of Drop Shipping, it is the Customer’s Address which is updated as Shipping Address in ERPNext. Please ensure Customer’s Billing and Shipping Address is correctly updated in the Customer master and Sales Order.

Have you done any customization on this front?

Hello Umair,

After logging out and logging in I just tried again. Saving the purchase order immediately after clicking “New” got me the same error message. However, after adding the correct price list and saving again, suddenly the document saved just fine.

However, on further inspection I realized that the system had simply removed the shipment address (ADDRESS AND CONTACT / Select shipping address is now empty).

I did not customize anything, just renamed the customer’s company name before submitting the quotation, then logged out and logged in again.

The billing and shipping address is shown correctly, both in the customer details and the overview section at the top of the sales order.

Best regards,