Unable to add shipping address to Purchase Order (develop)

After a recent update , unable to Select shipping address from address book in Purchase Order, Address and Contact, Select Shipping Address. I was able to do so previously with or without an item having been marked for drop shipment.

Can you raise an Issue on GitHub with screenshots if possible.

Was this ever resolved? I can raise an Issue if it hasn’t been yet,

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In the normal Purchase Order, under Shipping Address field, only address added for your company will be selectable. Here is how you can add your companies address.

  1. Open new Address Form.
  2. Enter your address details.
  3. Check “Is Your Company Address”.

  1. Save Address.

Address for which “Is Your Company Address” is checked will be visible in the Shipping Address field of Purchase Order.



When I check is my company and try to save, I get the following error:

Company is mandatory, as it is your company address

Where is the company field?

Thanks for reporting this issue. I can replicate it in my test account as well. In the Address master, Link Doctype field should also allow user to select Company doctype, and then exact Company Name.

@makarand_b can you please fix this?

this was the same issue I was having with V8 address form bug?

There is a bug with how the Company doctype is set up. The temporary work around is as follows:
Create a custom field in Company that has a label called address_html and a field type of HTML.

This will allow you to go to your company address and add a Link for Company with your company name.
Once you have this, your company address will populate

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But there is no Company field available on form when i can select the company . Even if i select “is Your Company Address” its show an error “Company is mandatory, as it is your company address” .

I think its a bug .

@umair - is there a way we could capture “shipping address or delivery address” as a linked template. Something similar to “Payment Terms Template”.

the use case for this is: in the export/import oriented business, shipping address/delivery address is not always companies address. They are generally Port address, which keeps changing based on the agreement with customer/supplier (respectively for SO, PO) - So, if we have a possibility of defining common ports operated by a company, it could be quick to capture its part of PO or SO.


Wil be best to add a custom small-text type field with a default value of ports-address in it. Also, you can create a separate print format for the orders / receipts where this field (with port address) will be shown. For now, no option to fetch it’s value from the Address master.

That is a Jugad I have done. But the problem with default text is, it is not same every PO or So. It depends on terms with customer/suppliers.

OK. Do you think, this could make up to list of GitHub issue list. Just asking before creating one, because there are many pending issue out there.

Community guys: anyone else have similar requirements? If yes, how are you managing it.
If not, do you think we should be adding this to issue or new features list.