Scalability / ERPNext's own shared service

Dear Sirs,

We inted to use ERPNext for ourselve, and of course as a supplier of certain other shared services , we wonder wether we could offer ERP Next also to our customers as an ERP backbone.

Can somebody tell us about his experience how much Server power is needed to offer a shared service ?
Let us assume there is multiple 5-10 people client-companies, mostly only 2 of each working in business administration, so as a consequence there will not be much traffic maybe each client-company would have 500 customers and 200 invoices / month issued by 2 employees.
Is my understanding correct that that is a minor load and it seems to be possible to run easily 50 or even up to 100 of such client-companies on the same installation hosted on a 4 core VM / 32 GB RAM / 1 TERRABYTE disk machine ?

What about ERPNext s own cloud service layout ? Which hardware is it running on, how many companies are hostet, how many people are probably working at it ?

With best regards