Schools & Fees Workflow

Howdy All

Does anyone have experience with setting up schools? I am working in a dev environment trying to figure out how to get all the pieces to work.

I could not figure out a way to put the course descriptions on the website out of the schools module, so I created a courses item group and then created a course there as a selling item on the website. That works just fine, however when I enable shopping cart and put item price on the course, then any person can just go and “pay” for a course from school. That is not exactly the workflow I am looking for. This is what I am wanting to do:

  1. User goes to website, looks at course item in catalog and then clicks link to “student registration” (which is a tailored version of the student application web form).

  2. After registering as a website user, then tehu fill in the student registration form and submit.

  3. Academic User in desk picks up the new student application document and finishes off any needed fields and when ready submits the document and then creates a student admission document and program enrollment document where fees get setup.

  4. At this point I would want the customer to pay the fees off the website and this is where I am getting stuck.

I see where you can place “fees” on the website portal, but I cannot figure out how to place a fee document there for payment.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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@James_Robertson Fees module is under development (ETA - 2 weeks)

@neilLasrado can give you updates on other modules!


@rmehta What is the issue ID so I can keep an eye on it.

Thanks @rmehta. I added some comments to the issue to help frame up the requirements. The main goal for me at least is to be able to have a customer go to website, pick a course from our catalog (e.g. a selling item), have them register and then pay all in one session. Right now my customers have to register and that is it. I then have to go through a heavy sales cycle (create sales order, sales invoice, etc) to get a payment request out to my customer to pay. This is much more difficult than it needs to be.

You can directly make an Invoice, Sales Order etc is not mandatory

Ah, I was not aware. I will do that in future. Thanks