Website User Address Linked to Customer

This post is somewhat linked to my previous one about schools and fees workflow.

I am continuing to try different things. What I am seeing right now is something strange. I have two users: a system user w/ access to the desk and a website only user with access to /me only.

When I go an look at /addresses from the website portal from my system user account I see all the addresses of any customer record that I added. This is essentially a listing of all of my “managed” address if you will, but not “my address” as in my billing or shipping address on a customer record.

Similarly, on my website only user when I go and look at its /addresses, there is nothing there. However I have access a billing address for this customer.

So… How do I get /addresses on the portal to show the address of the customer and not any address that that user has edited?

Currently the system is designed to show the addresses created by the user:

@rmehta Thanks for the code link. So, this probably comes down to perspective, but from my point of view … if I am looking at “my account” on the web portal (not via the desk) then I would think that I would want to see “my addresses” e.g. my personal shipping and/or billing address and not every address record I created in the system. I would want to see that whether I am just a website user or if I am a system user.

I would like to see this changed, however I also think others might like it just the way it is. So what is the level of effort to add a setting somewhere (maybe on the portal settings document itself) to flag the address behavior on the portal (e.g. w/ a check box)? I can put in a github issue, but wanted to frame it up more here before I do.