[Sept-2018] [Important] Develop Branch is now Version 12

Dear all,

We have merged a breaking change (DB API) in develop, so it will now become version 12. If you want to stay on version 11 please move to staging branch.

cd frappe/frappe-bench # or your bench path
cd apps/frappe && git fetch upstream && git checkout staging && cd -
cd apps/erpnext && git fetch upstream && git checkout staging && cd -

Version 11 is still open for new features, so you can open pull-requests for new features to the staging-fixes branch. Breaking changes can go to develop branch.


Have you any roadmap or feature list for V12 ?
I don’t ask for any ETA, only a list which could be updated :slight_smile:


Will running bench switch-to-branch staging followed by bench update --patch achieve the same result?

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Wow , here comes version 12, while I’m still waiting for production release of version 11, but a breaking change in version 12 is attractive.

It will be great if there is a roadmap of them.

do we need to do the same for frappe_io and foundation apps?

File API is now a breaking change in v12.

Now you can create files using

  'doctype': 'File',
  'file_name': 'test.txt',
  'content': 'hello world'

For more info, check out the PR



Although there are breaking changes in the API for custom apps, I assume that there will be an upgrade bath from V11 to V12? Could you please confirm?

In case you can’t fetch the staging branch, execute this command from the app’s directory:

git config remote.upstream.fetch "+refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/upstream/*"

This will configure git to fetch all branches from upstream.

Then run git fetch upstream to fetch staging branch.


If you are following the forum, there is really no defined roadmap. We try and follow Semantic Versioning (semver.org), as per which any breaking change results in a major version release. Since version 11, is on path to stability there won’t be any more breaking changes in v11. (Non breaking new features can still go)

Re: upgrade path, there is always an upgrade path in ERPNext!

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Might be naive to ask here…apologies for the same…

Does it mean that both Frappe and ERPNext’s Develop Branch are v12?


Yes! The DB and File APIs are part of frappe framework.

note the tag on the repos

‘version: move to 12.x.x-develop’
GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

‘version: move to 12.x.x-develop’
GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript

also view the commit history to a file with tags (that mark a version release)
version: move to 12.x.x-develop · frappe/frappe@0a1e7b2 · GitHub

Yep, the tags got updated yesternight.