Serialized component going into serialized finished product


One of the products we manufacture are computers that we apply serial numbers to.

For a production order, if I want to make 5 computers, the BOM specifies the 10 component parts that go into each finished computer.

Since some of those components are serialized, to carry out the production order I need to specify what serial numbers I am pulling from the component pile, to make the final computers.

My question is, is there any way to tie WHICH component goes into WHICH final computer? Right now it seems to just remove 5 serial numbered components, and produce 5 serial numbered final assembled computers.

Nothing shows that Motherboard S0001 went into Computer C0001, just that five components disappeared from inventory, and 5 completed units appeared.

Hopefully this is clear.

If you need to control this at the Stock Entry point, you could optionally use a repack entry and if you need to view a report maybe the “Issued Items Against Production Order” maybe helpful


I am running into the same traceability issue that @pileofstraw encountered. It seems that production orders only trace which components go into aproduction order, and which ones come out but they do not create traceability into which input items are associated with which output items.

The suggestion of looking at the the Issued Items Against Production Order still only provide information as to which items (with their serial numbers) were input into a production order but give no information past that.

Outside of manually inputting that information in the description text box of the production order I have not been able to solve this problem. Is there a feature I am missing or is this something that has yet to be implemented?

I really do love ERPnext and I think that this is just something that would continue to make it even better as I have seen multiple users comment on the same issue.


I’ve been Finishing the Production Orders one piece at a time, which creates a stock entry for each Output serial number with the correct Input serial numbers. This creates a link between the serial numbers, and it isn’t too hard to look up the inputted serial numbers by searching for the outputted serial number. As well, it’s a pretty slow process when making the parts (doing it one at a time).

I agree there could be something done to better link the inputs and outputs in a fast / efficient way.

Great suggestion, definitely more robust that a text box. it is a little more tedious but not much.