Serialized product - Traceability issue

Hello all,

I’ve seen topics about traceability of components but there is no proper solution i guess.
I am having a hard time developing the process of tracking serialized products on Erpnext.

I produce electronics having unique serial numbers.
Each product also has some electronic components having unique serial numbers.
And due to our operations i need to know which component is used in which product and which customer has it.
I also sell user licence and need to link that to the specific serial number.

In the current situation, when i check the Stock Entry details of a Serial Number, I only can see the list of materials which have been transferred from one warehouse to another. But i don’t have the information of which component is used in which product.

This is an old issue which, as far as i know, has no solution instead of creating production order-stock entry-delivery note one by one for each product which is not the best practice.

There are older posts i found on the forum, here are the links:
I tagged the owners of the posts, wishing to find a solution on this topic.



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Hello all,

I’m leaving all these information here, hoping that someday someone will reply…

I have checked the forum and tried to find a solution but need a little help here.
We can not track which serialized item is used in which serialized product

I want to keep track of serial items but there is no easy way to do that. And my solutions have failed after things get complicated like return of sold item.

1) here i have two serialized products sold to customers as an example

2) i can check which serialized items have been used to produce that particular product via Stock Entry document (Creation Document No) as seen in the screenshot

There is Creation Document and Delivery Document separately. This is very good.

3) when a product is delivered to customer and then returned back, there is no chance to track the manufacturing document anymore because the creation document for that particular Serial No has became Delivery Note. There is the possibility to track the first Delivery Note which has the information of the first shipment. But not the manufacturing stock entries!

Anyone has any suggestions?

I too, hope this gets further attention. Configuration management, or PLM, would be a nice addition to ERPNext. I don’t see any way for us to replace the “other database” we have that associates one serial number with another. We have a concrete need to be able to look up which components went in to our products. The BOM only partially accomplishes this (at least as far as I can tell) with no provision to have searchable embedded serial numbers. Sure, I can add fields to the serial no. doctype but then it applies ALL serial numbers, regardless of item code. Differing items should have the ability to have differing attributes for serial numbers. At least that’s the way I’d like to use it and I suspect others would as well.