Serial Controlled Items

I have a few items which have different serial numbers and are collectively used under a product.
Now, I want to track the serial number of all those items. Now, if I make the top level item as serial controlled item then it will have the serial number of 1 item then how would I track the other serial numbers as well?

From your question I guess that what you are looking for is traceability of the material.
If you are manufacturing the product (A) with sub items A1, A2 etc… When you move the products A1 and A2 for production you will have to specify the serial numbers of the product. When you transfer the completed product A you will have to specify the serial number for the A. So using the production orders and the stock movement linked to it you can trace all the items with serial numbers.


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Yes, you are partially right, but I want to trace the products upto the Customer’s End.
So, that I can take care of it that which serial number I shipped to which customer and with which product.

@ruchin78 you can pass on Serial No from a raw material to finished goods. But that works only if you have one major serial no item. If you have multiple then you will have to serialize your finished goods too.

Yes, I have multiple serialized items under one finished good, but the problem is how do I track that items with which serial numbers are used under one serialized finished good.

@ruchin78 open the stock entry linked to finished goods from production order. You will see the materials that were consumed to produce the item with serial numbers. You will also see the finished good with serial number. I guess that’s what you are looking for.


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No, the question is:
Once the finished good is ready.
Now say I have 5 qty. of X item, 10 qty. of Y item and 10 qty. of Z item with different serial numbers and all are consumed to created
to manufacture 5 XX. Now, as all the 5 XX has been moved to Finished Goods store.
How would I know which XX is using which serial number of X,Y and Z respectively.
Because I need to track it upto the client-end so that I can take care of warranty part as well.

Ruchin Sharma

Hi Everyone,

Is there any update on this question?

I am still struggling with Serial Controlled Items.

Ruchin Sharma

Also looking forward to this answer.

The only work around is to receive 1 qty. at a time from WIP to FG.

I like the idea, lower level assembly serial numbers should be able to be associated with an upper, otherwise you have no control over that stock. You could add a custom field to the Serial Number document to enter in any child serial numbers. It’s not a great solution since it’s a manual entry process, and you have to wait until after your upper level serial numbers are created, but it’s an option.

Maybe someone will know how to add some intelligence to it like:

  1. Validate the entries in the “Child Serial Number” field
  2. Associate the upper level serial number back to the child.

I would think these could be done with scripts but I have no idea how.

Hello @agerken, thank you for replying!

I’ll try to explain what I need to see if we have the same problem.

I have a product A (serial no A-###) which is composed by 3 sub-products (X, Y and Z - all of which have different serial nos). Subproduct X is also composed by another subproduct XX, with its own serial no.

Let’s say that I create 5 subproducts X via production order. How can I say that XX-001 is linked to X-001? And later on, when producing A, how can I say that, for instance, A-037 is using X-001 with XX-001 inside it?

Hope I was clear enough. I’ve never made any “hard coded” customizations, so any help is appreciated!

There is no way to do it automatically. All I could think of was what I posted above. After you manufacture A-037, you would have to go into that serial number and enter X-001 and XX-001 into the field I created.

It would be nice to have some more intelligence built into it but I don’t know how to do that.

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