Server was too busy, Virtualbox

I installed erp via ova, virtual box, and sometimes when i try to add images and create doc types, i get this error.

How can i fix that, Thank You

Intel(R) Core™ i3-3210 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20 GHz
8gb ram

did you get any solution for this issue ??

Yes in my case, the virtual box ran out of memory. So either increase the memory or restart

Ram Memory or Storage Memory ?

I guess the RAM

Okay . whether you have deployed as custom app .

Check this one VirtualBox is very slow in Windows 10 - Super User

Also try to reinstall and increase the size of ram and storage also the cou core atleast 4 cores

Okay ,Thanks for your inputs.

Do you have any idea about custom apps

I don’t know much but i installed erp and added the basic apps while installation, you can check this reference too. How to add custom app in production setup?

You want to add any custom app ?

Yes i need to do this because i have two environment one for development and another one is prod once i have developed i need to migrate my stuff to prod so it’s little bit complicated for me . whether you have any solution for this ?

Im also new to this but this might be helpful for you- How to add custom app in production setup?


May know your OS please

Windows 10 pro

Are using docker container to host the erp?

No I’m using virtual box

I think you allocated minimum resorce to the VM