Setting site log level?

I set logging to 2 in my site_config.json (I want to see some of the SQL queries being made and I see frappe.db.sql outputs on this level), but I don’t see any additional logging in either my frappe-bench/logs or on the stdout from bench.

Am I missing something?

Try setting "logging": true


true didn’t make a difference.

I’ve confirmed with some quick testing that frappe.conf is holding whatever I set in the site_config.json, and the logging code path was being hit.

edit: I’ve also confirmed frappe.local.debug_log is in fact being filled with the log messages I expect

It’s looking like either:

  1. debug log is not being flushed for some reason, or
  2. It is, I just don’t know where/not where I expect.

Can someone enlighten me?

To answer my own question, it’s 2.
I see now the framework is passing along the contents of the log buffers and dumping the lines into my browser’s JS console.