Shopify - DN not created on sync, Customer address does not sync to SO and SI

Before, DN will be created on ERPNext once we fulfil it from shopify and the status of the DN is draft.
I have to submit DN and fill in the delivery date. But now it is not coming at all.

Also, in the SO and SI, the delivery address is blank. On address list ERPNext, there is no address of this customer. It seems that the address does not sync to ERPNext.

ERPNext: v8.0.51 (master)
ERPNext Shopify: v2.0.10 (develop)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.70 (master)

@mulyadi-agtechsg Thanks for reporting the issue.

Please check whether any exception while creating DN and addresses in Shopify Error log and if found please post.

Hi @saurabh6790,

It has something to do with Product Bundle issue which has batches child items. As such, it requires batch for product bundle which doesn’t make sense as Product Bundle isn’t a stock item.

Refer here: Unable to create Delivery Note of Product Bundle with Items with Batch