Shopify sync variants

Hello, when we try to synchronize products with variant from shopify we get the following error in the sync_shopify_items method:

Cannot change Variant properties after stock transaction. You will have to make a new Item to do this

Any ideas? We are testing from empty instances and empty shopify, we simply want to synchronize products with variants so that the sales orders can be created correctly.

There is not much documentation nor do we see the error registered in github about the shopify module so I build the post.

Thanks for advance.

Hi @saurabh6790, sorry for the tag.

Are you still in charge of the shopify app?


I am experiencing the same issue.

ValidationError: Cannot change Attributes after stock transaction. Make a new Item and transfer stock to the new Item

It seems to go away if you do not sync the template to shopify. This is not a real solution because the “sync with shopify” box gets checked again after a sync

Any help?

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Also our shopify sync is getting stopped into an error (no items synced):
ValidationError: Item has variants.