Shopify with Multiple Currencies

I have tested shopify integration but it doesnt sync when there is difference in the currency. I tested most of the functions and it works.
But now need to check if it works with multicurrency shopify website.

If the customer on shopify platform is paying by USD and my base currency in ERPnext is GBP then ?
Anyone tried this before?

Hello @fkardame , how are you?

I wanted to consult you if you don’t mind mentioning that functionalities you tried since we never understood the scope of the integration, and as there is no documentation it can also be due to our little knowledge with Shopify that we could not implement it correctly.

Thank you in advance!

I read your message but didnt get time to respond to it.
Well there is a list which we have tested. I will have to document it which will take some time.

I will get back with the list as soon as I can.