Should I update or restore a v11 vm to to v12?

For those like me using the v11 vm download from, what is the “best” way to upgrade to v12?

Should I keep struggling with an in-place upgrade? Should I backup from v11 and restore in v12?


I would not upgrade in place unless you have a complete copy of your working system. Make a copy of the VM and upgrade that. If it breaks you can start over. Or start a fresh working v12 instance and restore your database to that and see if it works.

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thanks @smino for your encouragement. I have a snapshot of the vm, which I have used a number of times now as I have struggled attempting to upgrade to v12.

Can anyone say from experience that there will be no issues importing a v11 backup in current v12?

Does anyone know if frappe will release a v12 vm? (preferably based on patched 18.04 LTS)