Showing POS in erpnext v13 beta.4

i have setup erpnext v13 beta.4 in frappe cloud and set up for restaurant module (create restaurant list).
after that i want access the Point Of Sales but i can’t open the POS because when i search in search box i not found the “Open POS”
and in the retail module i not see the POS

where can i open the POS?
*my role is System Administration


look for Point of Sale

You can also create in shortcut to POS by clicking on Customize Workspace:

@Saqib_Ansari maybe a good idea to add a shortcut for this by default as well.


The shortcut is added on the latest develop. It will be available by default from the next beta release. Until then one can manually add the shortcut as described above.


thank you @kennethsequeira i found the Open Point Of Sale when typing Point of Sale in search box and i adding POS shortcut too from your recommendation :slight_smile: , but now when i open the POS showing the error message

i guess the issue same with this link Any reason why would I get a Server Error: IndexError: list index out of range? When I open the point of sale? - #2 by Mahendra_Rohit
i have set default payment method and still the showing error message

can you help for this ?

solved, we must set all default modeof payment