Simple Installation Step Guide

I have a clean linux server from MediaTemple running CentOS 7. I purchased the server to host ERPNext.

I installed Plesk on the server successfully, then attempted to install ERPNext immediately after with no success. It appears both applications require the same mysql dependency. So if I install one, I can’t install the other because an existing mysql server is already set up.

Basically what I’d like is to have both of these applications. I’d like both ERPNext and Plesk to work together on the same server, within different databases.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Or does anyone have an alternative method of achieving this?

(I’m new to both ERPNext and CentOS so go easy on me.) Thanks!!

I see someone has also asked about this, but has had no answer yet.

If you are on MariaDB then you should be fine. Exactly where are you stuck?