Site provisioning app

Regarding the web-based site creation app that uses, we don’t want to be greedy (ERPNext team is doing a kickass job, btw! )… we just don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Is that code proprietary or is it publicly available?

Thanks in advance!

FOSS code: GitHub - frappe/bench_manager: Frappe app for managing bench

What you see on frappecloud and is proprietary.

Bench manager is open source.

How to improve user involvement in development of ERPNext - #64 by revant_one This interacts with K8s and installs helm charts

Thanks. I’m currently deploying erpnext as a component of multitenant SaaS offering geared toward a specific vertical.

I’m currently standing up the initial deployment. Then, I’ll hand it over to the dev team that we work with. The dev team had been made aware that we’ll be contributing bug fixes and feature enhancements as we move forward. We respect the work that was put into this great product and will be contributing members of the team going forward.

We’ve hopped aboard the ERPnext train and are looking forward to helping it get where it’s going. Actions speak louder than words, though. Look for tangible contributions from my team in the near future. In the meantime, I appreciate all the help with basic issues.

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