Solution to Frappe CRM not Responsive on mobile

Hello everyone , Frappe CRM does not seem to be mobile responsive like the rest of the framework . Is there a solution to that or am I missing something ?
Also , there no link to a signup page on the log in page. How to implement that from the sign up template available in frappe app ? Many thanks

Also not of helpdesk app too

@saliim the helpdesk, CRM, Builder and others are now using a new UI framework made in VueJs called expresso and frappe-ui!

I believe that for now, resposivity is out of equation, at least until those products evolve

Designers should think responsive from day one, at least for CRM, as it is the nature of the application.

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Thanks for you feedback

I agree, since we are in a mobile first era .

Yes, seems strange to take a step backwards in functionality like that. I would think that a “best in class” CRM (if that’s the goal) would absolutely need mobile support?

Shouldn’t be just some CSS adjustment to device view ?

@saliim that’s what the internet says!

But everyone that worked on multidevice layout, understand that the constraint’s are more wide than that!

Usually, you need to rethink the UI for mobile, not only UI, but usability also!

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