[SOLVED] Days on the holiday list are counted as vacation days

Hi there,

I face the same problem as described in here

however, I am not able to fix it on my own.

As Ben described it,

  • I have created a Holiday List which includes all weekends.
  • I have set my employees to use that holiday list.
  • I have create Leave Allocations for my employees (Vacation)

But as he mentions, if I create a Leave Application containing a weekend, the two weekend days are counted as vacation days, although I verified that these days are on the holiday list.

This is my holiday list

This is the respective setting for the employee:

However the Leave Application counts it as vacation day:


Note: the 01.01.2018 as well as the 06.01.2018 are on the holiday list.

In Leave Type(your_host_name/desk#List/Leave Type/List) you should uncheck Include holidays within leaves as leaves.
In Leave Application you have Leave Type field.

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Thank you very much, that solved my problem.
You guys are awesome.

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