Stock Balance Report of all the items i.e including items with 0 Balance Quantity


In Stock Balance Report it is not showing items with 0 Balance Quantity, can anyone tell me that how to get the Stock Balance Report including items with 0 Balance Quantity.

Please reply asap as it is very urgent.
Thanks in Advance

Hi @tanveer

It’s working on current version

You are on which version?

As I am new to ERPNext kindly let me know, How to update to current version?

Hi @tanveer,

Check below links

Hello Rohit,
i am not able to show the stock blance report in the version 12 …?how to fix this??


@rohit_w I am facing same issue with latest version. Could you tell me how get stock reports including zero stock items.


Welcome hashimea. Hope you have a great experience with ERPNext and the community here.

Are you having trouble getting the stock balance report? Or do you need the report of items with 0 stock.

I mean why would you need a stock balance report with items that have 0 stock? if you don’t find an item on the Stock Balance report, can’t you assume that the stock of that item is 0?




Thank You, Yes ERPNext is great and i am feeling its power.

When we deal with 100s of products, it will be helpful to listout those with zero stock from a single printout than recollecting all the products not listed. Can still disable the product If the product is not needed to show up in report. Please let me know if there is a solution for that.
I think after having a stock transaction, it lists zero stock items.

Also would like to know whether any solution for getting stock report of 10 specific products out of 100. (Not in group or Category wize). Like comma seperated item filter ?

If you think you need a report like that, you can check to see if somebody has already built such a report. If no, it doesn’t take much to build it yourself or find a consultant that can build it for you.

I’m guessing the Stock Balance report uses the Stock Ledger Entry as the Primary Record and only reports the items that have a transaction in the From - To periods that you choose in the report.

Fetch the Items from the Item Master first and then plug in the values from the Stock Ledger Entry and you shall have a report of the Item Master and the current stock positions.

For the multiple items, I’m sure that can be built too. There are already a few reports that do that like the selection of Projects in the P&L report, so you can use the code/logic from there.

Good luck building this.

Though I do think, as a concept, expecting a structured data system to do everything is non-optimal. A lot of times just exporting to a spreadsheet and doing one-off analysis on the spreadsheet is way easier and reduces the complexity for your users.

Hope this helps.