Subtable shows float values as currency

Hi all,

I have a strange symptom: in a custom DocType “Material” I have a subtable “Material Component”. This defines some values, e.g. mass and density, both being values of type “Float”:

When I then open the parent form, it looks like this:

I have found some reports of the same issue (Float type Custom Field after submitted it show currency symbol, Currency field referenced as float shows currency symbol), but so far no resolution. I see this in ERPNext 10.0.7/Frappe 10.0.6.

Can someone confirm this? Should I open a git issue?

Hi all,

is there any progress in this? It is still in Frappe v10.1.20, but now seemingly only affects read only fields:

results in

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I have created a GitHub issue for this

Hopefully this gets resolved at some point…