Switch back to older version in erpnext

would anyone know how to switch back to older version for a certain site in erpnext
version 12 has to many problems in chart of accounts .i cant use chart of account importer just like i used to …in pervious version…so i would like to roll back to older version that was before the new data import??

have you tried to find solution here??

How to switch back to previous version?

that post is old i guess,they are switching to version 6 :confused:
also if i have three sites on version 12…can i change only one of them to older version or the changes apply to all the sites?

i think it should have in a separate bench.

Have you tried using Data Import so you can gradually import portions of the Chart oF Accounts? I agree that the Chart of Accounts Importer was unusuable for me

One thing I discovered is that I can have more than one Asset, Liability, and Equity roots in the chart of Accounts.

So, for the chart of accounts I had to migrate, I used Data Import to gradually migrate the Chart of Accounts level by level.

The result was, my new Chart of Accounts is above the standard account provided by ERPNext.

I was using chart of account importer and it was working fine in the previous versions… But in the new version it forces me to have max 6 root accounts and that isnot fine for me
So could you elabroate more of the way you talked about how did u import your chart of accounts

Those accounts refer to Account Types like You should specify one for Receivable, Payable Cash, Cash in Bank etc. You can check the Standard Chart that ERPNext provides - see the portion Account Type. This is required by Chart of Accounts Importer. If I use Chart of Account Importer, I add accounts with the required Account Type.

Do you know Data Import?

What I did was to go to Data Import List. On the form, I placed Account doctype. And used Add New Etries (I’m not sure if this is the correct term). When you save, the full Data Import form appears. you can download the template which is in Excel.

You can check the pattern.

The first column is the ID column. If there is an entry, Frappe will update the entry with that account. If it is blank, a new entry will be added to the Account Doctype.

I know data import and i use it all the time in everything
But in doc type there is no chart of accounts… The only way to import your own chart of acc… Is by using the chart of account importer… So that is why i am asking and wondering how u did it by data import

Use Account doctype.

I used this technique to import a Chart of Accounts that had more than 3000 account codes

Would you mind if you show me that with screenshots… What do i edit in doctype so that i can import all the accounts i want

The final Data Import list

Click New

New Data Import Entry

Click Save

You can download Template and attach file

The Data Import Excel File

The Successfully imported File

Thanks so muuch for your help :heart:
You were a big help for me… Much appreciated

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