Task dependencies in Projects and Project Templates


I create a project template, with the hope I’ll be able to use and customize this for a variety of projects. However I can’t see a way to create dependencies in the sequencing of tasks in the template. Whats the point of entering a task start date, when the task start date depends on the duration of depended tasks? (and given its a template, said durations won’t be known until its a real project)

Also, on the project task list screen it is tedious to create dependencies, having to go into each task, adding a row etc. This is such a basic part of project entry, can’t there be a field on the projects list if tasks table where dependencies can be entered…or maybe its there and I just don’t how to activate it?


Did you manage this?

Did you manage this?

Hi, did you find a workaround for this? I really would like to use the project module, but i think now it is very limited. As of version 14 the erpnext docs read:

2.2. Dependencies and Actual Time

Dependent Tasks : Dependent tasks indicate that a particular task is dependent on another task, and the former cannot be completed before the completion of the latter.

It would be necessary that not only “the former cannot be completed before the completion of the latter.” but there is also a very important restriction “the former cannot start before the completion of the latter.” (or viceversa). I do not find any implementation of this, which make dependent tasks only informative.

Did you find anyway to implement “normal” project management rules for dependent tasks?

Thank you

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