Tax rate not applied in e-commerce

Hi, I set taxes for item but in the e-commerce is shown only the net amount.
This is my item configuration

this is the cart

taxes are only applied if I manually quotations

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Create a Tax Rule for shopping cart to apply taxes.

I tried, but having 3 different tax types (4,10,22) it only applies one of them.
for example if I have 3 item : item_a (4), item_b (10) and item_c (22)

if the first item I add to cart is item_b (10) all the nexts item added will be calculated with taxes of item_b

You have to specify either Valid From or Tax Category in the Item Tax table inside Item master for it to be applied automatically.

I tried but … it really seams not to be the right way… have a look please

having added first the 4% vat item, all items are taxed 4% even though one of the two items has 22% tax

  1. In your Sales Tax And Charges Template, keep the rate as 0 for all rows.
  2. Then in Accounts Settings, tick Automatically Add Taxes and Charges from Item Tax Template. Reference
  3. In Item Master, go to Item Tax table and enter a Valid From date for every row.
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still not there :frowning:

in this first image you can see as just one of the three different taxes are applied.

as you told me I set to 0 the rate in Sales Tax And Charges Template

and created the rule in item master and tax rule

also as you can see in the applied taxes, it correctly calculate 3,74€ which is the 22% of the only item with 22% tax rate … which is one step closer, but still I don’t get something

Why do you have 3 Sales Tax and Charges Template and Tax Rule? You only need one of both. Add all 3 tax accounts in one template and then create one tax rule with that template.

And inside Item Tax Template, give the only the specific tax account.

Finally I made it!
This made the trick :smiley:

In my case I had to:

  • recreate the tax accounts (the same as the ones standard already existing, which I couldn’t select dkw)
  • I used these new tax accounts in the item master tax.
  • create a new item tax model with newly create tax account
  • create a sales and charges tax template with all the tax accounts I newly created
  • create a tax rule with the new sales and charges tax template

I was also facing this issue, the problem is you might be using India compliance module , which is causing some issues with the tax templates. After I uninstalled it, everything just started working fine. But this is a temporary fix, you might need to use the GST module. For now , you can uninstall it.
Later if the team fixes it , then you can reinstall it.

This is a temporay fix, if you create a website user fron webshopm it will again alter templates and it will stop workiing. Basically the new sign triggers some changes in the tax tables also.

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