Template for web list of a doctype

I have a DocType called Seminar. When I activate “Has Web View”, two templates are generated,seminar.html and seminar_row.html. I can use them to customize the public web view of a seminar and the entries in the public list of seminars. Now, how can I customize the outer html of the list? Who does render the row template? Is there any template calling it? The goal is to smoothly integrate the list into a preexisting Website, that shall not be run by frappe.

I am aware, that I can create a web page, and feed a list of seminars into it via get_context(). The question is, is there a more canonical way to do it?

check this video if it helps.
It is from from conference this year

I remember the list view was fairly customized into list of panels without adding custom app.

For “How it works?” check following files

base.html > web.html > list.html in frappe

they are templates. You can customize them and send a PR into frappe if you add any web dev feature!

Oh thank you. I have gone through this amazing video several times. He customizes the row template and the style sheets, but there is no enclosing template involved. But I will follow your other hints.

I know this is a very old post. But I think it’s better to continue the discussion as it is relevant topic.

In the list.html as suggested by @revant_one there is this line:

{% if result_heading_template %}{% include result_heading_template %}{% endif %}

What is this?
Where is the template?

I’m guessing that this is to make a header outside the loop (the row.html) e.g for a table header.
If this is correct, how can I customize it?

Thank you