Timesheet only hrs and date (no from - to time)

Hi there,

I’m wondering if there is a possibility to configure ERPNext to enter only working hours instead of from - to time.

I want to enter something like this

01/01/2018 5:00hr
01/02/2018 8:30hr

I don’t want to let our employees enter the concrete working time with from- and to-time.

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In the latest version, this is possible, you need to just enter the from date and the hours.

Hi @Pawan,

I use this this version and I can confirm what you described. But if I open the record (line), then I see a from time and a to time. In your example it is 17:3…something as from-time.

I don’t want to have the “from” and “to” time. This should not be present in the time sheets at all. I want to have just a DATE and a HRS amount.

Is this possible?

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Welcome to ERPNext Thomas,

Yes such changes are possible if you search up ‘customize form’ advice pointers to follow and links to official docs and videos

Hi @clarkej,

thank you for your reply.

I tried to update the Timesheet Details form and tried the following:

  • Set From Time and To Time to “invisible”.
    Then I was able to enter only hrs but I’m not able to enter a booking date for a record
  • Tried to change From Time to a Date field (instead of a Date Time field)
    This change is not possible. I’m not allowed to change a type of a field which is in the default forms

Anyway, if I change anything to the From Time and To Time, I’m afraid that I break the validation if I do any time recording “in parallel”. There is a check, if I book a time record on the same day and the same time which spans over all my time sheets.

Any help aside from reading the docs would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

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My thoughts are these:

  1. possibly use a Custom Script to zero the hours minutes seconds of the From Date popup Calendar from the default current time values.

  2. add a Custom Field for eg Booking Date, that uses a Custom Script to specify the Date format as dd-mm-yyyy


edit: re 1) this shows a datepicker_options example code

Time Picker problem in Time sheet still persistant - #5 by spa
Change default date time picker - #2 by rmehta

how can i add hour (Hrs) to the form Time as
input (3-17-2020 1:17) + 8 hours or minutes
output 3-17-2020 8:17 if it’s minutes will be 3-17-2020 1:25 ,
do you have any idea to do that , Thanks

Hi Thomas,
Did you ever get a satisfactory solution? I have exactly the same desire to only see the date not the time.



Oh that’s brilliant thank you!