Transfer customizations

Is it possible to transfer erpnext custom doctypes, fields etc from a site to a different erpnext site, if yes how can this be achieved?

Thanks in advance

Well explained thread is here by @MartinHBramwell [Solved] What's the right way to version control my customizations? - #2 by MartinHBramwell

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Is it also possible to export customisations to a certain site from another certain site on the same instance?

Yes, I have Two Site named Test and Demo on a Single Bench named ERPNext in my Linux Server on Contabo - CPU 2Core, 4GB Ram, 300GB HDD, Unlimited Bandwith.

Custom APP mytest >> Salary Slip Customization in Core Doctype
bench --site install-app mytest

Custom APP mydemo >> Supplier Registration custom Doctype
bench --site install-app mydemo

Another Help is Here. Thanks to @abbas for sharing a Helpfull Thread.