Tunisia Chart of account


I need to contribute with official Tunisian chart of account in https://charts.erpnext.com/, since current one is not correct, but I am unable to do anything, fork button is not working.

Or shall I do updates using front end application one by one? if I export template with data, do updates and imported again it will work or not?

chart of account is very important step to configure application, due to above issue I am not able to proceed with my testing.

I have second question, suppose fork is working and submitted new version, the same get approved, when it will be available in the system? how I can get this fork?

Thanks a lot for time and feedback


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So does China’s Chart of Account in ERPNext.

Types of accounts(root types) in China is very different from other countries’, they are Asset, Liability, Comma, Owner’s equity, Cost, Profit&Loss.
Notice this fact: They are not Asset, Liability, Equity, Income(Revenue), Expense!

While I can’t achieve to edit that default chart of account, and there are no correct root types to be select when creating a new chart of account.

What should I do? I have no idea how to continue the test. Will accounting module of ERPNext be compatible with China’s Chart of Account?

See wiki from OpenBravo(another ERP), theirs seem to be reasonable.
Chart of Accounts China | openbravo wiki

@stephenzhao I suggest discussing the China Chart of Accounts question in a separate Topic

It’s a show stopper issue this fork button, any new client cannot proceed with testing.