[Tutorial] Setting up company for absolute beginners

I Agree with the methodology of explaining processes not features.

If I want to implement an ERP I have a specific requirement to fulfill(payment for example). A guide, step by step, showing me which doctypes I need to use to complete my assignments is more useful than manuals explaining each doctype.

Don’t get me wrong, we need manuals for each doctype however I don’t think they are required for the initial implementation and we are lacking those materials.


Learning by example is the best approach, starting by preparing master data for the full cycle, then showing required transactions included in the cycle.

By cycle I can say procure to pay, order to cash,…


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One example can be specific to creating custom BOM for quotations.

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No problem.

Please note this will be for a new company following setup.

Can I attach word docs to posts?

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Any progress in this …did anyone make any doc .

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I have started but im a little busy at work so havnt had a chance to put some effort in… will try and get to it over the weekend


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What topics r you working on …is it ok if i work on creating compAny ,generating bom,quotation,sales order,delivery note ,sales invoice…shall i go ahead

Well, I have a process document I created for installing ERP on a VPS including setting SSL and swap etc… Then I have adding a few fields and changing naming series to import some existing supplier data…

That is mostly redundant as we are starting from scratch… you could go ahead if you have time and start working on some sections, but you kinda need to start from the beginning… in which case, you could create the document??? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great job you’re doing. It’s really appreciated. Any chance you could add mysql/mariadb optimization steps to this list? I found that many newbies leave the default configuration and it works at first, and then down the line database queries force sytem slowdown and sometimes system freeze.

I have a possible curriculum and partial guide on setting up, but money and resources are tight. I also had great screen captures of ERPNext 11.

I was using OBS

And here is the structure I had thought about. Please note that this is a Work In Progress. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.


@Tropicalrambler This is excellent! My document wont be as detailed as this though!


EDIT:: I have setup a new topic to publish my document.

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Looks like I cannot attach word documents to posts…??? Any ideas?

If possible please try to follow this request

This could help : Maintenance for ERPNext Performance - #14 by root13F


Where can I find this guide?

It’s a work in progress, you can click the link on the post above to see it

I will appreciate if I can get access to the spreadsheet used in this video tutorial.


The tutorial mentions a number of videos. Where can they be found, or are they just placeholders for future content?

At the time of posting they were placeholders since we had no budget!

However the wait should be eased this year. We are currently forging ahead with Frappe to create a new set of dev videos for dev. Those will be 10 for now.

For the guide: Our team have storyboarded the first 10 videos of ~200 due May 2021 of many ERPNext user topics, most of them shown on the guide above. We will publish them in spanish (as that is the most needed language) on this channel but I will try to find a way to replicate them ASAP in english (maybe even simultaneously). We aim on 50 per month starting february. Will be uploading them first 5 days of the month.


@Tropicalrambler, @abbas,

I suggest to have a wiki or github style site to be able for users to fill-in and edit a tutorial topic. This is a draft for people to dump a document. Then others may edit or revise it.
This site may have editors to see if the content is proper.
After the topic is full, complete, and correct then the editor can upload the content to a fix tutorial site.