Ubuntu Install complete, cannot see site

I have this installed at https://nwswiss.xyz
Any help?
Thanks in advance

root@s18869883:/var/www/nwswiss.xyz# sudo bash setup_frappe.sh --setup-production
Installing for Ubuntu trusty amd64
In case you encounter an error, you can post on https://discuss.frappe.io

Adding ubuntu mariadb repo
Installing packages for Ubuntu. This might take time…
Installing wkhtmltopdf

  • Stopping MariaDB database server mysqld [ OK ]
  • Starting MariaDB database server mysqld [ OK ]
  • Checking for corrupt, not cleanly closed and upgrade needing tables.
    Adding frappe user
    Installing frappe-bench
    Setting up first site

Frappe/ERPNext is installed successfully and is running on port 80.
Frappe password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MariaDB root password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Administrator password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The passwords are also stored at ~/frappe_passwords.txt
You can remove this file after making a note of the passwords.

root@s18869883:~# sudo netstat -ntlp
Active Internet connections (only servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 11760/redis-server
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 11761/nodejs
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 19477/master
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 15597/named
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2012/apache2
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 11758/python
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 9980/mysqld
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2207/redis-server 1
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 11762/redis-server
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 19525/rpcbind
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2012/apache2
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 15597/named
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 15597/named
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 19045/sshd
tcp6 0 0 :::12311 :::* LISTEN 11760/redis-server
tcp6 0 0 :::25 :::* LISTEN 19477/master
tcp6 0 0 ::1:953 :::* LISTEN 15597/named
tcp6 0 0 :::11311 :::* LISTEN 11762/redis-server
tcp6 0 0 :::111 :::* LISTEN 19525/rpcbind
tcp6 0 0 :::53 :::* LISTEN 15597/named
tcp6 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN 19045/sshd

server hs 2gb ram

You need static IP for server and DNS record changes for domain name.

Does this topic help?

Static IP is and domain points there already.

http://www.nwswiss.xyz/ , http://nwswiss.xyz/ and are showing “Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page”

stop Apache

sudo service apache2 stop

and (re)start nginx.

sudo service nginx restart

optionally ( systemd - How do I stop Apache2 from automatically starting on boot? - Ask Ubuntu )

https://nwswiss.xyz/ is not working, to setup https refer

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Worked Great!!! I did not realize that the apache had to be stopped

It doesn’t have to be stopped, it just can’t use the same port number. In any case if you can stop apache then my guess is that you don’t need it therefore it would create a lighter install and prevent possible further problems if you simply uninstalled it. Only install what is needed on a server that way whatever you are running on the server gets maximum use of the server resources and disk space maximised.

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