Unable to delete documents

Hi. I am unable to delete some documents I created in my custom DocType for my custom app.

As you can see above, the documents cannot be deleted due to their linkage to the view logs, to which I also cannot delete. I have tried being the Administrator to delete the documents as well, but that does not work. I am also currently in developer mode.

Hope there is some solution that I’m not aware of.
Thank you.

In Company settings there is this option Delete Company Transactions

This may help explain [SOLVED] Cannot delete a cancelled SO because it is linked to an existing one

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Dear @clarkej,

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. However, I cannot find Company Settings in my site. I have set up my site without the default erpnext app installed.

go to [your.ip.addresse]/desk#List/Company/List


For eg this url works https://demo.erpnext.com/desk#List/Company/List

But since the demo site has read and not write access (I think), no Delete Company Transactions button to be found there…

edit: So for eg enter ‘Open Setup’ in Awesome search bar and it responds Module Setup not found.

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As you can see, the Company Doctype doesn’t exist in the site, as I did not install the default erpnext app, as I’ve mentioned before. I’m working with a blank site with one custom module installed. I should also mention that the Document Doctype is a custom Doctype for the custom module I’ve created.