Unable to login on self-hosted ERPnext using mobile app


I recently deployed ERPnext on the server and its working perfectly fine on the web browser.
As I have Nginx proxy manager running in a docket container on the same server I deployed erpnext using env-local by entering erp.mydomain.network.
I installed erpnext mobile app on my iPhone. After entering the server url (with and without https) when I login it gives a message saying erp.mydomain.network failed with status 404.

I would really appreciate if I can get some help to resolve this issue.

I am not a programmer or developer. Have very basic knowledge and largely do setup on server by following discussions and documentation available online.

Look forward to receiving help here.

Thank you
Ps: we are a newly formed non-profit research organisation and find erpnext most suitable and customisable to our needs. Thank you to the makers of erpnext. Cheers

Hi, what mobile app are you using? is it the one in the app store or the beta one in github? Thanks

The one from the AppStore.

in my opinion i guess its only working on version 12 i try to use it on version 13 beta i got same problem as yours.

I tried it on android 8.1 from play store. Still got the same message.

does anybody know if the mobile app actually should be working with V13? or will is it deprecated now?

can you try the suggestion on [V13] ERPNext mobile app status 404 · Issue #25213 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

There is still a small issue but, i think it is almost sorted.

Edit: Doesn’t work as expected.

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Thanks a lot! I will have a look!

Hey folks. I am having a similar issue, where my site is hosted by ERPNext servers.
I am unable to login to my production server via the mobile app, with the 417 error

Mobile app is a critical functionality, would love a resolution on this

hi …

Follow this link to use the download recommended here

it works for me version-13.x

I’m guessing this means there is no iOS app available? Or possibly (hopefully) the iOS app will be updated to work with v13?

I get the same 417 error.