Unable to use erpnext on mobile

Hello every one,
i have installed erpnext on my server and i am testing it for my construction company. but i am unable to use it on my mobile with erpnext mobile app , it gives me 417 error. i also created account on frappe cloud and tried to use that account on my android mobile, but still it gives me 417 error. please help me out.



Some searching may give some clues.

Unable to login on self-hosted ERPnext using mobile app

Hope it helps.

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Unfortunately, the mobile app doesn’t work for v13 yet.

Did you check previous discussions before posting this?

thank you so much , i have installed the app mentioned , it works fine with frappe cloud account. but it is not connecting with my server ip address. when i only provide the ip address it says “error”, when i provide ip address with http:// IP address , then it say “failed host lookup http://” . thank you for your help