Unable to send emails from a default mail account (group mail)


  • ERPNext: v14.12.1 (HEAD)
  • Docker Self Hosted

As a first-time user evaluating ERPNext for our organization, I’ve encountered an issue with the email setup in our self-hosted system. I configured an outgoing mail account intending for it to be used as the sender. However, emails seem to be sent from my personal user account instead.

For example:

  • Default Email Account: erpnext @domain.com
  • My User Account: glenn @domain.com

When I create a new user with a welcome email, I expect the email to be sent as follows:

  • FROM: erpnext @domain.com
  • TO: newuser @domain.com
  • SUBJECT: Hello newuser

Instead, the system sends the email from my user account (glenn @domain.com), but authenticated as erpnext @domain.com. This causes my mail server to reject the emails, citing that the user is not authorized to send emails from glenn @domain.com.

Error messages include:


smtplib.SMTPRecipientsRefused: {'newuser@domain.com': (553, b'5.7.1 : Sender address rejected: not owned by user erpnext@domain.com')}

postfix (SMTP Server)

NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from erpnext.domain.com[]: 553 5.7.1 glenn@domain.com: Sender address rejected: not owned by user erpnext@domain.com; from=glenn@domain.com to=newuser@domain.com proto=ESMTP helo=<[newuser@domain.com]>

Despite selecting the option to “Always use this email address as sender address,” it continues to send as glenn @domain.com instead of the intended generic account erpnext @domain.com.

How can I configure the system to ensure all outgoing emails are sent from the generic account, erpnext @domain.com?

In conclusion, I expect a single group email to handle all outgoing messages. However, the system is attempting to send emails using the email address associated with my profile. The challenge is that my main email (glenn @domain.com) is hosted on Office 365, which might not be configurable with ERPNext in this manner.

As an alternative, I considered setting up custom mailboxes for ERP users (e.g., glenn @erp.domain.com). This solution would require creating a secondary unique email address for each user strictly for ERPNext usage and then forwarding those emails to their primary addresses, like glenn @domain.com.

I’m eager to learn how other users have addressed this issue.

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