Unbundling User Permission

Please, I need a direction on how I can unbundle user permissions for a user. It is urgent, thanks and God bless.

Can you explain what it means to unbundle here?

If you need to remove restrictions, you can simply delete the User Permissions from User Permission list.

Okay. What I meant by unbundling is that by default, when User Profile is created for a user there supposed to be some default restrictions on the User Permission. I couldn’t see there in the User Permissions List.

My Problem:
I have a User that has Pump Maintenance User as a role, then i gave him access to CRM Documents by giving assigning Pump Maintenance Manager Role to him but he could only sees “Pump Preventive Maintenance Reports, General Corrective Maintenance Report and Seal Replacement” Doctypes he created himself. He can’t see other CRM documents created by others.

By default, there supposed to be about nothing less than restrictions to Employee of this user but it’s not there and I have been looking for a way to resolve it. Kindly help, if you know the solution. Thanks

I think this is the same I am trying to do… because after deleting and doing a migrate on the site the system restores…

If you navigate to that user , what permissions sets and roles are currently assigned to it?
As well what doctypes are assigned?

I have finally resolved it, sigh!

I solve it through User Permissions then Add/Update then I selected Employee as the document type and untick the documents that the user should see.

Thanks everyone for reaching out to help me on this. One Love.