Unknown Column Comment Field List

Hi. My AWS Lightsail installation process was working last Feb 25, 2019 - v11.1.10 but after creating a new instance and application today (Mar 9, 2019 - v11.1.14) I’m getting new set of errors. I’m guessing it’s because of the new commits to erpnext master branch.

PLUGIN_WARNING: the transformBundle hook used by plugin uglify is deprecated the render Chunk hook should be used instead
– this happens during bench get-app --branch master GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

PLUGIN_WARNING: the ongeneratehook used by plugin log-css-change is deprecated. the generateBundle hook should be used instead erpnext
– this happens during bench start

Unknown column comment field list
– this happens during bench update --patch

When visiting the site, I’m getting this error.

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A search on the above turns up just this so tune to that for answers?

I think that discussion is closed already with no fix given.

Note that this is v12 but you are on v11 [v12] New Website based on Bootstrap 4 and new Website Theming

@mclijauco You can ignore the warning. But the error you see is because of not updating your site properly. Website Theme changes were done in v12 and not on v11.

Hi Faris @netchampfaris ,
Thank you. I didn’t really update. I did a fresh installation on the master branch. I tried to ignore the warnings but I needed to run bench update --patch after switching to master and I got the unknown column error so I cannot proceed further.

I installed the develop branch and run bench update --patch and it worked. It’s odd to me that develop works with me while the master doesn’t.

Seems like the issue is in frappe v11. It is working on both ERPNext v12 + Frappe v12 and ERPNext v11 + Frappe v12.

The fix is to run bench --site site1.local reinstall after switching to master. This will eliminate the Unknown column comment field

This also deletes the database, so keep a backup of any data so you can restore its contents after.

Got it. Thank you, John!

I face the similar case on V.11 > my solution

cd frappe-bench/apps/frappe and execute
$ yarn add rollup-plugin-uglify --dev

restart bench and the warning gone