Unverified Chart of Accounts usage

Hi there!
I just tried to figure out on how to use unverified Charts of Accounts - in my case the German SKR04 (https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/blob/develop/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts/unverified/de_l10n_chart_de_skr04.json).
I moved the account into the “verified” folder and it was shown in my selectable Charts of Accounts after removing “disabled”:“yes” in the .json file.

While trying to create a new company with the desired Charts of Accounts I receive
“Account Wertberichtigungen zu Forderungen mit einer Restlaufzeit von mehr als 1 Jahr gegen Unternhemen- mit denen ein Beteiligungsverhältnis besteht - COMPANY_ABBREV not found”.

Any hints on what’s wrong with the .json-file (line 242)?
Do I miss out on configuring sth. else with my installation?

All the best and thanks for your help

Digging a bit deeper I think I found something: Account’s length is 141 chars, I read in some other post that length is limited to 140 chars. Expanding field’s length apparently helps. Though the returned error message is a bit misleading. Gonna keep on looking into it.

there are discussions about how to contribute to ERPNext.
In your case (once you found a solution) I’d like to encourage you to write a fix and do a PR to the ‘develop’ or ‘master’ (not 100% sure which would be the appropriate one) branch on github. If it’s really the 140 char limitation that should be easy to fix I guess.

If you need any assistance to manage github I’d be happy to assist (with limited chops on my side though, but I guess we still could manage somehow)

After verification, please send a Pull Request to the develop branch.

Now you can contribute the chart of accounts for your country via Contribute Chart of Accounts for your country