[Upcoming] Quick Entry

New documents will have a “Quick Entry” form if possible

Link: Dropbox - quick-entry.gif - Simplify your life


I may be missing something, but I don’t see anything new on this screenshot?

@cpurbaugh its an animated gif maybe you might have to download to see

All I see is a screenshot, the animated gif is not playing. I also tried downloading it. Could you maybe upload it again?

same here

@rmehta, discuss crashed the gif! Can you upload it in the blog and sent the link again?

@cpurbaugh @max_morais_dmm @becht_robert @creador fixed via dropbox link!

@rmehta, I still being unable to see this! But https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrhzdbrysved3ob/quick-entry.gif?dl=0

Great feature, it will save lots of time.

definitely a time saver. How can the enduser determine which fields will be in the quick entry form??

@becht_robert mandatory and bold fields go to quick entry. It will automatically open if there are 7 or less fields.


Nice Feature!!

But what if we want to skip this feature for certain DocType, is there a way to disable this?


Awesome feature @rmehta. On invoices, journal entries, GRN, it should save us tons of time …

hi @rmehta,
Its a nice feature. appreciate it.

Is there any option i disable this feature for a doctype?

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same request @rmehta, any way to disable this?
Also, the print preview feature (document goes straight to print preview, and then it gives an option to edit) also needs a way to be disabled.

Hello @rmehta I think we need to have option to disable this feature. Existing custom java scripts will not work to the quick entry. If you have a custom java scripts you have to create 2 scripts for each one for the quick entry and standard entry.

I have created an issue in github Option to disable feature Quick Entry · Issue #1700 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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It gets disabled if you have more than 7 fields

But yeah maybe explicitly enable it / disable it.

Someone send a PR :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will try to create one :slight_smile: Maybe you can guide a little. :slight_smile: Is this the commit for the quick entry [enhancement] minimal new form to add new items by rmehta · Pull Request #1651 · frappe/frappe · GitHub ? I did not see a code that you disable if more that 7 fields? I would like to start there.

ok I found it :slight_smile: frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/public/js/frappe/form/quick_entry.js

frappe.ui.form.quick_entry = function(doctype, success) {
	frappe.model.with_doctype(doctype, function() {
		var mandatory = $.map(frappe.get_meta(doctype).fields,
			function(d) { return (d.reqd || d.bold) ? d : null });

		var doc = frappe.model.get_new_doc(doctype);

		if(mandatory.length > 7) {
			// too many fields, show form
			frappe.set_route('Form', doctype, doc.name);

I try to create a PR :slight_smile:

@rmehta Your wish is my command :wink:

I have made a PR add option to disable/enable quick entry feature by ccfiel · Pull Request #1702 · frappe/frappe · GitHub to enable/disable quick entry