[Updates] ERPNext v7.2.0 Beta Release and Testing Process

  • Tomorrow, (15th December), develop branch will be merged into “v7.2.0-beta” branch
  • Beta testers should clone / pull the beta branch in their local system, restore and migrate their production database in the beta branch. Then they can go ahead with the testing, it can be only the new features or thorough testing of the full systems. And testing of all the customisations (which we can’t do).
  • We will also deploy the beta release on beta.erpnext.com, cloud users can test using that account.
  • Bugs/errors should be reported on Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. The issues should be tagged as “v7.2.0-beta” (will create a new tag/label).
  • Developers will fix the bugs on highest priority.
  • On 23rd December, ERPNext will be merged to master branch and v7.2.0 will be released. There is a meet-up at our office on the day. All the community members are invited to attend the event.

please note that (in contrast to the status of discussion as per this schedule (which has a 2-phase procedure [which was received well among all commenters in terms of no one arguing against the phase 2 being required]) there will only be 1 Phase of beta testing/fixing

@nabinhait right?

Is that because you feel a 2-phase process is not required generally or rather that this particular update (v7.2.0) is not so big that it justifies/requires a 2-phase beta testing?

Furthermore I wonder whether there is clear line to draw between the time for test and a time for fixes
(like Dec 15-19 testing & reporting issues, Dec 20-23 fixes (no more issues being accepted)? or will this be going in parallel? Maybe at least there needs to be a deadline for reporting/excepting issues I guess

In general, I’ve seen other projects only have as many beta releases as are needed for the release. That sometimes means one, sometimes two, sometimes four. Specifying that there should be two and only two beta releases is not needed, in my opinion. Let there be as many betas as needed.

On a Friday…before Christmas? Brave… :grimacing:

that makes sense. So I guess natural authority to announce a 2nd, 3rd, … beta phase (if required) would be @nabinhait

@vrms @felix
I agree that, generally, there are multiple beta releases for a projects. We can also do that, but in our beta release process, we will not create any release tag. It will just be a separate branch, where all the testing and fixes will go away. And testing and fixing will be in parallel. So, all the fixes will be directly pushed into beta branch.
Still, we can set a soft timeline (20th December) for reporting the issue, to give enough time to developers to fix the issues.

Dear nabinhait
What is new in this version?

Please suggest when it’s in air. We will be glad to beta-test.

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Released v7.2.0-beta !
Check [Announcement] ERPNext Version 7.2.0 Beta Release