Upload attachments to customers

I have a trial on ERPNext and I’ve been trying to upload some attachment to a customer page, it takes forever and no result.

Actually, cant understand your question.
-if you attach any file on customer form and save ,then you can download it.

  • And same file also available whenever you want to see.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

my question is actually more simple. I was unable to upload a file,
i click on add attachment, and then brows for the file i want to attach and select it, once i click upload, it shows me “uploading” and it stays like that with no result, neither success nor failure.

@dorsho sorry the error message is broken. There is a size limit on how large files you can upload.

@rmehta , Ok, what is the limit? and what can i do if i have proposals and documentations (designs, SOWs, etc.) which most probably will exceed the limit?

It is 2MB at the moment, we are planning to raise it to 5MB though.

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well, that would be nice, do you have any timeline?

Soon, most likely tomorrow.

I know this is old, but I just wanted to add a comment to detail how to customize the maximum file size , in case someone looks at this in the future:

In your site_config.json file, add the following:

"max_file_size": 52428800,

where the number is the maximum file size in bytes (this shows 50MB).

There could be other issues with doing very large files, but this can raise the limit from the current 10MB.

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Also note that you cannot change this on hosted versions of ERPNext. Only on an self-hosted version.

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