URGENT: How to make manufacturing entries if output is not fixed?

HI Community,

We have a manufacturing process where raw materials are fixed inputted based on daily plan, but output can be variable. In such a case, BOM and WorkOrder are not possible to make. Because we just take raw material and manufacture goods, which can be variable in quantity. So - how to make entries so that we can map workstation and members as well. If we just do stock entry we wont be able to create a job card.

Please help!!

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Hi all - any response on this? @umair any way you recommend doing this?

What you are looking for is Process Manufacturing. This post might help you New Feature? Process Manufacturing

Alternatively, if you want to use out of the box functionalities,

  1. Go to Manufacturing Settings> Set “Backflush Raw Materials Based On” to “Material Transferred for Manufacture”
    Also, enable “Allow Multiple Material Consumption”.
  2. Once you complete these configurations, you still need to make an indicative BOM for the Work Order or Production Plan to fetch Raw Materials required, also set the Operations on BOM since you want to use the Job Card functionality.
  3. Create a Work Order directly or from Production Plan, start the Work Order (WO), which will create Stock Entry for transferring Raw Materials to Shop Floor. Here you need to take care of few things
    a. Create WO for large enough quantity, because on the Finish Stock Entry of the Work Order, it will not accept Quantity of FG more than what was defined on the Work Order.
    b. On the Stock Entry, Quantity of Raw Materials (RM) will be calculated based on BOM, so if your process ends up taking more than what is defined on the BOM, plan for more FG on the Production Plan or Work Order
    c. Once you transfer the RM, you can record the time on Job Cards and Finish the Work Order
    d. On Finishing the WO, Backflush Stock Entry will be created, here define the FG quantity produced and RM Consumed. You can change the values as per the actual consumption on Stock Entry and Submit the Stock Entry.
    This way you will be able to record
    a. Inventory: Both RM consumption and FG Backflush
    b. Time taken for each Operation on Job Card

Hope this helps.


This is super useful!!