Use right to left style

hi all,
how we can use right to left style in erpnext?

To use Right to Left just change the language in the user settings from en to one that use le right to left like β€œar”

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i selected some right to left lang but my program is also left to right

What language do you test? Can you test using ar as the language to check its working?

Ar language change the direction

in ar lang work but in my langauage (farsi ) dosent work how can i change it ?

This is the file and function you need to update to modify in order to get this done.

Just ar and he languages are considered right to left. If you have a list of languages right to left in mind let me know and we can send a pull request to added by default in a fix.


tnx a lot :slight_smile:

i think these are right to left languages
Kurdish (Sorani)

I think its working now with fa language selected

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i add it manually in my offline source tnx a lot for your help

in reports heading are left to right but other rows is right to left
have anyone any idea to correct this ?

In that case, you can check the file assets/css/frappe-rtl.css and look if the css class of reports heading is set to right to left style.

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can you please say me what is the class for heading in this css file ?
and where is the css for ltr languages ?

Is it feasible to apply the CSS for a particular report only .
Once I choosing the print invoice to Arabic , the direction is not changing

my dear please : How can i edit direction for pdf reports to RTL with Arabic language?