User login issue after changing permissions


I have added a user and it was working correctly. However, when i just added a permission accoutn manager. then user can’t login at all.

Why is that? How can we fix it?

Thank you

Hi @Jithin_K_T,

Does the user have different rights permissions? If not, try using a different web browser or clearing the cache and checking again.

Thanks for the reply. Not really. I just given user ‘account mananger’ i guess and then stopped working. It works after password reset. Not cache.

Is it a bug?

Which version do you use? If version 14 then which version is 14?

ERPNext: v15.6.1 (version-15)

Frappe Framework: v15.5.0 (version-15)

Please update your version and again check it.

Thanks. but i’m using the latest already. How can we fix this issue?

Latest version is

Frappe Framework: v15.15.0 (version-15)
ERPNext: v15.14.7 (version-15)

Also, we checked in the latest version of 15 with new users with different roles but we haven’t faced any type of issue.

Can we have a quick call then? gmeet , anytime today. Issue persists

If you encounter a problem, please make a issue on the Frappe GitHub page. Also, provide the version number and a video showing the issue you’re experiencing. This will help developers understand the problem better.

Thank You!

There is no reply yet. who can i contact to get this fixed? I contacted your partner tridots and they don’t even reply.

Can you share some screenshots so we can guide better?

When I add a user, they can login. I have given accounts manager permission and login works. but when i add sales user and sales manager permissions. The user login wont work. It shows incorrect logins. when i reset it again, then it works.
This looks to be a hug. if it was permission issue, a reset should not fix it.

Any clue?

I found that even if i enable and enable the user, the same happens. The user will not be login unless a password reset.

How can we fix it?

Hi @Jithin_K_T,

We tested all types of scenarios. Everything is working fine. No problems were encountered in version 15.

Thank You!

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Thanks for sharing it. Really appreciate this effort !!
But of course, I’ve issue atm. If I do something with permissios, it will break user login.
Ok, I’ll do a reinstall then. Where can I get the official document for installing ERPnext in ubuthu 22?

Thank You!

Great ok.
Is there any docker image available?
Thank you

On idea but check this reference:

Also, search in the forum

Great ! Thank you !