User Permissions and Roles

Hi ErpNext Community,
My first post here. First of all I have to tell you guys in the development team that you got a great product here which will easily give any enterprise ERP a run for its money with the usability and design part.
I have a use case which I have tried implementing through the permissions but I could not get it to work.
Right now only Leads created by the same Sales User are visible to that user. Leads created by others and hidden from his view. Which is perfect.
I want the same permissions to be applicable for customers, opportunities, contacts, etc. But so far I have tried all possible permutations but just could not make iit work.
BTW I am using the latest build of the application.
Please do guide me to help set it up.

Jeyanthan H

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quotation hidden would be nice too.


I think you can do this through Role Permissions Manager

For all the roles you want to apply this restriction,

  1. Check “Apply User Permission”.
  2. Then click on “Select Document Types”, and keep “User” checked.

I hope this works.

Rasika Dhingra

Hi Rasika,

Thanks for your reply. Checked out the options available but 'User; is not present in the list.
The only one available are - Customer, Company, Territory, Lead and Customer group.

I guess if you keep “Lead” selected, user permissions as applicable to leads will be applicable for customer also.

But this is just a guess though, you can give it a try.

@jeyanthan88, just curious, why do you want to hide Information from others? Is it a security thing, or does the UI get cluttered and confusing?

We have assigned account managers for each customer and we do not want each one to be concerned about customers managed by another person.

But I figured out how to get the permission enforced thanks to Rasika’s guidance.
The following link also helped out:

it will also help you recognize the mole in your employees. and to prevent that mole from getting more info.

how did you manage to set user permissions on quotations, costumers, address and opportunity? i manage to hide the leads but no luck on others.

You can add a custom field called “user” and then give permissions based on that field.

Thank you sir. that worked. but cant see anything. how to auto populate the User field with the document creator?

Sorry missed this - you can name the custom field “owner”

Thank you so much sir.

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