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hello, i have a user A which i need to give him the permission to read only without editing or submitting (write and submit should be unchecked) all sales invoices created by all users also this user should be able to create/read/write/submit his own invoices, but whenever i check the Only If Creator box, this user can’t see anymore other users sales invoices.
Any tip on how to proceed and fix this ?

@AnthonyS Users And Permissions

thanks for the link , but i saw all the manual before and this doesn’t help me , the create in ERPnext allows only to press on create but without filling the infos by that i mean can only press create , why would you even have the option to press create if you can’t fill the sales invoice , i need to check write with create also so weird

When you check the “Only If Creator” checkbox, you are setting a user permission across the user that they can only access those documents that have been created by them (not anyone else), hence, the user can’t view others… Please disable that and proceed…

thanks for your reply , i posted another threat showing what i really need because it seems this post is being understood differently , if anyone can check it please !

I had this problem for ages and finally found the solution which I explained here:
How set permission for a role to only be able to edit records they Created, but still see the other peoples’ records - ERPNext / Permissions - Discuss Frappe/ERPNext

@ETCOMed_Eg- Many thanks for your persistence. Your solution is very very good to say the least.

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You are most welcome @Eli :slightly_smiling_face: