Using Html Block Print User Information On Workspace

Im triyng to create in work space html Block area , session user information from the client Doctype
im creatin user from client doctype ,

in client doctype have some other information to update client user while login and see there expiry documnets ,
class Client(Document):
def after_insert(self):
# After inserting a new client, create a user
user_doc = self.create_user()
if user_doc:

def create_user(self):
    # Create a user based on client data
    user_doc = frappe.new_doc("User")
        "full_name": self.business_name,
        "first_name": self.client_name,
        # Add other relevant fields from the client DocType to the user

        # Calculate expiry details and color indicator
        return user_doc
    except Exception as e:
        frappe.log_error(f"Error creating user: {e}", _("Create User Error"))
        return None
def assign_user_roles(self, user_doc):
    # Assign roles to the user
    frappe.add_role(, "Client")  # Assign 'Client' role

    # Set role profile and module profile for the user
    user_doc.role_profile_name = "Client"  # Set role profile to 'Client'
    user_doc.module_profile_name = "Client"  # Set module profile to 'Client'

    # Set user type as 'System User'
    user_doc.user_type = "System User"
    # Save the user document with updated properties